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ONG Mulheres na Construção Civil. Treinamento.

Our history

"Who told you a woman can't build walls, mix cement, go up scaffoldings, and build a better future? Nobody told me that. On the contrary, I've always heard from my mother, Dona Diva, that a woman needs to be independent and feisty, at the same time she can be a man's partner. At our home, together with three brothers and three sisters, I've learned there's no such thing as men or women tasks. Everybody can and should fight for their happiness, preferably being united, with no dispute or competition", tells Bia.

ONG Mulheres na Construção Civil. Treinamento.

Know our cause

Since 2006, autonomy, citizenship and empowerment of women in situations of vulnerability and domestic violence have become our reason for being, existing and persisting.


In a male market, we empower these women, fighting to reduce inequality and encourage gender diversity.

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