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More than 6,000 women trained.

Mulher em Construção works to solve a social issue.

Only 10% of the workforce in civil construction are women.

More than 20 million houses with problems

3 million women in Brazil live in conditions ofpoverty and domestic violence.


of the students are offered a job before they finish the training

Reduction of domestic violence.

Women with professional qualification are less vulnerable to abusive situations.

For African-American women the unemployment rate rises up to 


The unemployment rate for women is two times bigger than for men.


 do que dos homens.

Brazil is the 79th country in the ranking of Global Gender Inequality Index / UN Human Development.

Increased self-esteem and dignity.

Resgate da cidadania e emancipação financeira
ONG Mulheres na Construção Civil. Treinamento.

Our mission

  • Training women in the work of civil construction, aiming to rescue their values, rights and economic independence

Our vision

  • A world where women are able to make their own choices.

Our social impact

  • Employability

  • Income generation

  • Increase of self esteem

  • Housing improvement

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